Docker and other goodies

Well its been a while since I stopped in here, so here’s a quick post on what Ive been up to…

Well I finished the Docker course I have been doing on Udemy, this is the course Docker Mastery Course its a cracking course by Bret Fisher and I learnt loads, I really liked the way that there was little challenges that not only tested you on what you had just learnt in that portion of the course but pushed you a little to use the resources at your disposal to solve. You get a sense of what t like to work with docker in the real world, and how to solve life little issues. It won’t be long before I am back at Docker

Ive recently discovered podcasts , before you all shout it, I know Im late to the party but I am catching up and on quickly, there’s a few I really like but the main two I listen too are: this is a cracking podcast by Mike Pfeiffer, he’s had a ton of great guests giving onsite into cloud technologies and how to get started…some of my enthusiasm might be Mikes fault.

Darknet Diaries this is another great podcast that delves into stories from the dark net, keeps me entertained on my long trek to work.

I also managed to fit in a little jaunt on holiday with the family which is always fun. Well I back at it now and the fun is never over. Look for more frequent blog posts

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