About Me

I find it difficult to write about myself, this being an about page I don’t think I can avoid it so here goes…

I am a long standing computer geek slightly long in the tooth, though I do not believe in the old adage that “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” the whole IT thing started after I had my first PC given me such along time ago….. I was hooked almost immediately on all things computing so much so it was almost a silly idea not to do IT for a living. So I bought a book and got my first certification, I was quite amazed for a while…dumbstruck even

Ive since gone from strength to strength and enjoy learning new technologies but have always struggled to get to the crux of the matter. This blog is the answer to that struggle, somewhere I can tell the story I suppose of that journey to learn. So starting today Ill record my adventures in life as a computer engineer/techie call me what you will.

Computers do take up quite a lot of my life but I do find time for other things too. I am an avid history buff and aviation fanatic, WW2 fascinates me, I read alot too, books with pages in 🙂

Somewhere round the house is a Mrs Robin and 3 smaller clones of myself I see them occasionally when food is required or they need something….more on them at different times, primarily this blog is to cover my techie adventures and also to help me learn and reinforce that learning..

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